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Yoga, tennis, cross training or boxing – myClubs gives you access to 35 different sports activities. Choose and combine them however you want.

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One membership is everything you need. We offer the right package for every workout type - whether you train occasionally or daily.

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You don't like binding contracts? Neither do we. You can cancel myClubs on a monthly basis.

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Frequently asked questions

How does myClubs work?

With myClubs, you can choose from a large range of fitness classes at exclusive sports venues in your city, bringing you variety into your daily fitness routine. myClubs enables you to remain flexible and free: you can pause or cancel your myClubs membership monthly. You therefore always have full control over your membership and only have to pay whenever you really use the sports offer.

Which products does myClubs offer?

myClubs offers two monthly subscriptions and a prepaid block of 10 units. The subscription myClubs FLEX 4 includes 4 sports units and FLEX 8 includes 8 sports units per month. For even more flexibility there is myClubs TEN. The prepaid block myClubs TEN is valid for 24 months and you can book a total of 10 sports units. No matter which product you choose: You have full access to the entire myClubs offer in your country.

How can I use myClubs?

After purchasing your myClubs sports package, you can search for sports venues, book your favourite workouts and manage your membership via our app.

Which types of sports does myClubs offer?

With myClubs you have access to a wide range of courses offered by various sports providers. Boxing, Bootcamp, Crosstraining, Yoga, Pilates, Dance, TRX and various other courses are at your disposal. In addition, under "Flexible booking" you can find sports such as tennis, golf, EMS, badminton, climbing or day passes for fitness studios in your area. Also included are summer sports like water sports and various outdoor workouts. With myClubs you can do the sports you like - whenever and wherever you want. With the filter function of the sports search you can see which sports are available in your city.