Boxing, yoga, tennis or Fitnessstudio – myClubs gives you access to more than 35 different sports. You can choose and combine them however you want.


Train whenever and wherever you want. Choose from a wide range of sports and book classes flexibly through the myClubs app.


With just one membership, you can access the whole myClubs network. Choose the subscription that best suits your sports routine.


You don't like binding contracts? Neither do we. You can cancel or pause your myClubs membership on a monthly basis.

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What is myClubs?

With myClubs, you can choose from a large range of fitness classes at exclusive sports venues in your city, bringing you variety into your daily fitness routine. myClubs enables you to remain flexible and free: you can pause or cancel your myClubs membership monthly. You therefore always have full control over your membership and only have to pay whenever you really use the sports offer.

Which products does myClubs offer?

myClubs offers two monthly subscriptions and a prepaid block of 10 units. The subscription myClubs FLEX 4 includes 4 sports units and FLEX 8 includes 8 sports units per month. For even more flexibility there is myClubs TEN. The prepaid block myClubs TEN is valid for 24 months and you can book a total of 10 sports units. No matter which product you choose: You have full access to the entire myClubs offer in your country.

Which sports does myClubs offer?

With myClubs you have access to a wide range of courses offered by various sports providers. Yoga, cross-training, kickboxing, HIIT, Pilates, dance and various other courses are available. In addition, under "Flexible booking" you can find sports such as tennis, golf, EMS, badminton, climbing or day tickets for fitness studios in your area. Summer sports such as water sports and various outdoor workouts are also included. With myClubs you can do the sports you want to do - whenever and wherever you want. With the filter function of the sports search you can see which sports are available in your city.

Can I use myClubs transnationally?

No. myClubs can be used in all available cities and listed sports venues within a country but it cannot be used transnationally.

How can I access livestream-workouts?

With myClubs FLEX 4, FLEX 8, your prepaid card FIVE and TEN or the company Team Pool you can book not only indoor and outdoor courses but also the live streams of our sports partner - directly via the myClubs App.

What is myClubs FLEX 4?

myClubs FLEX 4 is a flexible sports membership, which enables you to train up to 4 times per month at a myClubs sports venue. You can either decide to use all 4 credits at the same sports venue or try out different sports at different venues. If a class uses up more than one credit, you will be informed about it in the respective activity description.

What is myClubs FLEX 8?

myClubs FLEX 8 is a flexible sports subscription where you can book up to 8 units per month throughout the myClubs sports network. You can train up to 4 times with the same partner. So you can, for example, redeem all 8 units with only two partners or try out several different partners. If a course is a special workout (= two credits per visit), you will be informed about this in the respective activity description.

When will my monthly membership fee be debited?

The booking period of your monthly myClubs membership is established on the day of purchase and ends on the day before in the following month. The direct debit takes place on the same date every month. So, if you purchased your myClubs membership on the 2nd July, your credits will be valid until the 1st August. Please note: if your date of invoice falls on a day which doesn’t come in a certain month, such as the 31st, the invoice will take place on the last day of the affected month instead.

What is a no-show?

At myClubs, certain sports classes must be booked. Booking requests and confirmed bookings can be cancelled free of charge within the given cancellation period. If you do not cancel in time and do not participate in your class despite having booked, this is considered a no-show.

For whom is myClubs intended?

myClubs is designed for anyone who wants access to a variety of sports and also likes to have flexibility in planning their sports routine. If you therefore want to remain flexible in your free time and alter your sports routine according to what you desire, your mood and the time of year, then myClubs is the perfect fit for you!

Do I need a smartphone to use myClubs?

Yes. You need a smartphone with internet access and a functioning camera in order to use myClubs. You will need these functions to be able to scan the QR-Code to check-In at myClubs sports venues (currently in Vienna, Salzburg, Lower Austria, Burgenland, Linz, Graz, Zürich, Basel and Zug). You also need the myClubs app to book your workouts!

Where can I use myClubs?

myClubs is currently available in Austria and Switzerland. You can only use myClubs in the country where you purchased your membership.

How much does a myClubs membership cost?

You can view the prices for all currently available products here. Regardless of which plan you choose, you will gain access to all sports venues within the myClubs sports network in your country.

Do myClubs do gift vouchers?

Here, you can order the Prepaid-Blocks myClubs FIVE and TEN as gifts. You will receive the gift voucher via email once purchased. The recipients can then simply book their own favourite classes.

Can I take unused units from my FLEX 4 and FLEX 8 subscription into the following month?

Unfortunately, unused units from your FLEX 4 or FLEX 8 subscription cannot be taken or moved to the following booking month. Remaining units expire at the end of your booking month.

When does my monthly membership start?

You can start booking classes as soon as you have successfully purchased one of our monthly memberships. Open the myClubs app and rotate your smartphone to show your membership ID card.

What is myClubs TEN?

myClubs TEN is a prepaid block. It is valid for 24 months and includes 10 sports credits which can be used across the entire myClubs sports network in your country.

When will a no-show be charged?

In the UNLIMITED plan (no longer available as a new purchase) a no-show fee of 20 CHF will be charged for each confirmed booking, if you do not attend the workout or do not check in properly. The debiting of your standard method of payment takes place automatically after seven days.


How can I use myClubs?

After purchasing a myClubs membership, you can search for sports venues, book classes, and manage your membership in the myClubs app.

How can I find sports venues and classes on offer?

Once you have registered with myClubs and are logged in to the app, you can easily search for sports venues and sports offers. You can also filter the location, date and time and a selection of available classes and activities will appear. Don't forget to also look at the search results under 'Flexible Hours'.

What should I do if I have to cancel a booking?

You can cancel booked classes within the given cancellation period. In order to do this, click 'Workouts', then choose the class you want to cancel and click 'cancel booking'. If you do not cancel a booked class, a credit will still be debited.

What should I do if I used up all my FLEX 4 credits?

If you have used up all your credits for the current booking period, you can't go to any more classes. You can however book classes for the following booking month.

How and for how long can I pause my membership?

You can pause your membership between 14 days and up to 3 full months without giving any reason. To pause your membership, open your profile in the myClubs App and select "My membership". Here you click on "Create a break". Select the desired period of your break and decide with which product you want to continue after the break. For example, you can also pause for individual membership months if you are going on a longer vacation or are prevented for other reasons. Please note that a break during a current membership month is not possible.

How do I cancel my membership?

In order to cancel your membership, send us a quick email to at least 7 days before the cancellation period. If you wish to use myClubs again in the future, you must re-register.

When will I be able to use myClubs?

You can start booking classes in the myClubs app as soon as you have purchased a myClubs membership. Open the myClubs app and rotate your smartphone to show your membership ID card.

How can I book a class?

With myClubs, there are different booking options. Many sports venues enable you to send them booking requests directly through the app. You will subsequently receive your booking confirmation via email. If the class is already fully booked or isn't taking place, you will be notified via email and can then book a different class. Some sports venues require you to ring them up in order to book a class. There are also sports venues, where you can just check-in at the venue. Under each class description, you can find out necessary booking information.

What is the fair use policy for myClubs UNLIMITED?

You can book one workout per day with your myClubs UNLIMITED subscription.

What is a special workout?

In the myClubs sports offer there are special workouts where 2 units per visit are deducted. These include, for example, court rentals for tennis, EMS, wakeboarding or day passes to higher priced fitness studios. With myClubs FLEX 4, FLEX 8 or your prepaid card FIVE and TEN you can book these workouts as often as your units are used up. The myClubs UNLIMITED subscription (no longer available as a new purchase) includes one special workout per booking month.

What do I do if I want to end my break earlier or extend it?

You can easily adjust the duration of your break in the myClubs app. If you want to start earlier or take a longer break, you can edit your break in the app. To do so, open your profile in the myClubs app and click on "Membership" → “Manage membership”. Here you can change your entries. If you want to end your break today, click on "change plan". This way you can book workouts right away! Please note: the settings of your break can only be edited as long as they have not yet been carried out.

How do I recommend myClubs?

Yes! You can find your personal referral code in your myClubs profile under 'Recommend myClubs'. Forward it to your friends to give them a discount on their first membership month.

Bookings and reservations

How far in advance can I book a class?

You can book myClubs classes as soon as they are available online or in the app.

Why have I been charged fewer units than my FLEX 4/ FLEX 8 tariff allows?

If you reserve activities for the following booking month, you will be charged a correspondingly smaller number of units the next time you book. So if you have less than 4 or 8 units in your account at the beginning of a booking period, it is because you have already reserved workouts in the previous month.

What should I do if I am charged the incorrect amount of credits?

If you have any questions regarding the billing of your sports units, please contact our support team at

Can I cancel a booked class?

You can cancel booked classes without charge within the given cancellation period. The cancellation period is stated in the class description. As long as a booking hasn't been confirmed yet, you can cancel it anytime.

Can I redeem all my credits at one sports venue?

As a myClubs FLEX 4 and prepaid customer, you can use all available sports units with one provider. As a myClubs FLEX 8 or UNLIMITED Member (this tariff is no longer available for new customers) you can train up to four times a month with the same provider.

Can I book classes for the following booking period even though the current booking period hasn't ended yet?

Yes, it is possible to book classes and activities in the next booking period before the end of the current period. Credits for booked classes within the following month will be debited in the following booking period.

Why can't I make any more bookings as an UNLIMITED member?

As a myClubs UNLIMITED member (this plan is no longer available for new customers), you can book a maximum of 5 classes per booking month in advance. After that, you have reached your booking limit. Once you have completed some classes, you will be able to book new classes again.

What should I do if my booking has been cancelled?

Sometimes a sports venue has to cancel a booking due to it being over booked or due to there being no available trainer. If this happens, you can book a different class or see what is available at another sports venue.

Do I have to pay extra for equipment at the venue?

For sports such as EMS, tennis, bouldering, etc., additional costs for the required equipment may apply. Should this be the case, it will be pointed out in the activity description.

Check-in at the sports venue

How do I check-in with the QR-Code?

Scan the QR-Code at the sports venue via the myClubs app. Then, choose your booked class and click 'create ticket'. Show the trainer the ticket on your smartphone and then you can begin your favourite class as usual!

Where do I need to use the QR-Code to check-in?

At the moment, you have to check-in by scanning a QR-Code at all sports venues in Vienna, Salzburg, Linz, Lower Austria, Burgenland, Graz, Zürich, Basel and Zug. The check-in process will change in all other regions within the next few months. We will of course notify these members in good time about the introduction of the QR-Code check-in.

How do I check-in at a sports activity I booked in advance?

After your booking request has been confirmed, go to the sports venue and ask for the QR-Code. Just check-in by scanning the QR-Code with the scanning function in the myClubs app and show the trainer your digital ticket. The sports venue doesn't have a QR-Code? Then just show one of the trainers your email booking confirmation and click 'report a problem' in the scanning section of the app.

How do I know if my check-in has worked?

Once you have clicked 'create ticket', the myClubs ticket for the selected class should show up on the screen. Please also check whether the class details, time and date are correct. You can tell the ticket is valid by its green colour and an animated logo in the top left corner.

What do I need to check-in with the QR-Code?

To check-in with your QR-Code, you need a smartphone with internet signal, a camera that works and the myClubs app (available on android and iOS smartphones).

When do I need to use the QR-Code to check-in?

The check-in scan works from half an hour before to half an hour after the class. Please validate your ticket during this period.

How do I check-in for a drop-in activity?

For classes without booking requirements, check-in directly at the venue by scanning the QR-Code in the myClubs app. Then, show the trainer your valid ticket on your smartphone. The sports venue doesn't have a QR-Code? Then please let one of the trainers know and have your membership number ready so they can check you in.

What should I do if the QR-Code doesn't work?

If you're having trouble with the QR-Code scan, click 'report problem' directly in the app and state what isn't working. Then, please contact the sports venue. They will let you know whether you can still participate in the class. Generally the rule is: no valid ticket, no myClubs workout.

Profile management & billing

How can I change my personal details?

You can change your personal details such as name, email address, address, telephone number or password in the web interface under 'My profile' or in the app under 'Profile'.

Where can I find my invoices?

You can download your invoices as a PDF file at any time in the app under "Manage Payment Details".

Couldn't find the answer?

Then ask us directly via the chat bubble or send us an email to

How can I change my bank details?

If you would like to change your bank details, click on 'change payment details' in your profile. When you change your bank details, we will temporarily debit your account 0.10 CHF. This will be refunded in your direct debit.

How can I change my plan?

You can change your plan in the app or on the website in the "My Membership" section. Please note that a plan change is carried out immediately. This will also debit the full price and start a new booking period. If you would like to make a note of the plan change, please send us a short e-mail to