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Live workouts for your living room 50+ daily livestream classes from the best yoga and fitness studios in Austria
Train at home and support your local trainers and studiosmyClubs ∞STREAM offers the largest selection of livestream workouts at a fixed price. Become a part of our growing community!
Discover all ∞ STREAMstudios in the myClubs app!
  • The COI
  • Soundcycle
  • fancypantsyoga
  • HotPod Vienna
  • Body Lounge
  • X-Sanity
  • Starship Fitness
  • Soulshine Yoga
  • Amazing Yoga
  • GK-Studio
  • loft 25
  • Warrior One Loft
  • Enon Pilates
  • flowwithandrea
  • ConfiDance Company
  • Yogarei
  • And many more!
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50+ live workouts per day
20+ studios & trainers
1 flexible plan Cancel anytime
Yoga Monday, cross training Wednesday, pilates Friday and bootcamp Sunday? Create an individual training programme tailored to your preferences with myClubs ∞STREAM.

You are supporting your local trainers and studios with every participation - as well as giving them additional income until they can reopen their studios.

In the current situation, take time to invest in yourself and your health. myClubs ∞STREAM brings you the largest choice of livestream workouts directly to your home.
Start your live workouts now with∞ STREAMFor beginners and advanced - non-binding packagesFind more information in the myClubs FAQ
Wherever you are ∞ STREAMcomes to you! Simply via the app, a laptop or on your smart TV
What our members say
With myClubs, I can flexibly supplement my training with other sports and can also learn completely new things. – Nadine A.
Very easy to use, booking classes is simple, amazing selection, and sport anytime and everywhere is affordable with myClubs. – Nina B.
A good opportunity to access all imaginable sports offers with a subscription and try new things spontaneously. – Roger M.
myClubsis also for companies Numerous companies offer their employees sport for their home office with myClubs.
RAG Austria
Find more information on our corporate fitness solution here
Which sports offers can I access with ∞STREAM?Your ∞STREAM membership is valid for the entire livestream offer including all myClubs ∞STREAM providers and is constantly being expanded. The selected providers are marked in the sport finder with the ∞ symbol. Please note: not all regular myClubs sports venues are included in the ∞STREAM subscription.
How often can I train with ∞STREAM? With an ∞UNLIMITED subscription, you can book as many livestream workouts as you want (fair-use). There aren't any booking limits per sports provider - you can therefore train with your favourite coaches every day. With a ∞MOVE 5 subscription, you can book 5 livestream workouts per month.
When does my membership begin? Your ∞STREAM membership begins on the day you purchase your subscription. You can use it immediately and can book your first workout. Your following membership months start on the same day. An example: you buy a myClubs membership on the 10th April, your new booking period will then always start on the 10th of the following month, e.g. 10th May, 10th June, etc.
How do I participate in a livestream workout? Just book the class you want via the sport finder in the myClubs app or on the website! The workouts are usually streamed on Zoom or Youtube. You will receive the link to your livestream workout as a push message and via email latest 15 minutes before the class begins. If you haven't received an email, please also look in your spam folder.
How can I switch my subscription? You can switch your ∞STREAM subscription at any time either in the myClubs app or on the website under 'change plan'. Please note, that a plan change takes place immediately and the start day of your membership month will begin again - you will have 30 full days to use again. If you switch to a smaller subscription, e.g. ∞UNLIMITED to ∞MOVE 5, we therefore recommend you only switch shortly before the debit day of your current membership month.
As an existing myClubs member, can I access the new ∞STREAM offers?Active myClubs members with FLEX 4, TEN and corporate fitness products can continue to use all online class offers with myClubs - including ∞STREAM livestream classes. A switch to ∞STREAM subscriptions is possible at any time (see number 5).
How do I end my membership?With myClubs, you can train flexibly and don't have to worry about binding contracts. You can cancel your myClubs membership anytime with a 7-day notice period. Just send us a short message with your cancellation request and your membership number to The cancellation will take effect at the end of the current membership month. Example: your booking period always starts on the 10th of each month. So, if you cancel on the 3rd May, your membership will therefore end on the 9th May.
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