Benefits for Sports Partners

Free partnership

The partnership with myClubs is completely free. You will also become a part of our network of over 1,000 partners.

Payment per visit

For every visitor from myClubs, you will receive a fixed payment at the beginning of each month.

Marketing activities

As a partner, you obtain a personalised partner profile and benefit from marketing activities in the myClubs app.

Higher capacity

Provide your sports offer through myClubs and you will receive more visitors. With myClubs, you will become more visible to new customers.

Data insights

Would you like to know how your class was rated? Our data insights provide you with valuable feedback from myClubs members.

Class synchronisation

Through our collaboration with other booking platforms, planning and booking your classes is now even easier than before.


“Thanks to the support of myClubs, we were able to quickly make a name for ourselves in the industry after entering the market without investing heavily in marketing.”

Das Prema

Andreas Klvana

“Other than the financial benefits, the best about myClubs is the team! So happy, professional and efficient. Without exception, I always enjoy working with everyone in the myClubs team!”

Pilates Boutique Vienna

Sara Kuzel

“As a partner, you have the opportunity to reach new target groups, who you otherwise wouldn’t be able to access. This brings a breath of fresh air into our studio.”


Giulia Tamiazzo

“myClubs is not overflowing with bargain hunters. Instead, we obtain a number of regular customers of high quality. The invoicing and support is absolutely reliable.”


Stefan Macek


Frequently asked questions

How do members become aware of me as a partner?

As soon as we have put you online, your offer appears in the app for members to use. In addition, every new partner is presented in a newsfeed article in the app to all of the members. Your profile also appears on the homepage under "Sports Venues".

How do members register for my classes?

Adapted to your offer, you have the choice between several booking forms : check-in at the venue (easiest option; the member is checked in on site), pre-arranged bookings which you can confirm or cancel via email, or telephone bookings (for particular classes). You can easily manage your bookings in your own myClubs partner section. Here, you receive live details about all of your myClubs customers, bookings and invoices.

How do I receive my payment?

myClubs reimburses you a fixed amount per check-in. You can see the current status of your bookings at any time online. The settlement takes place automatically at the end of the month. In the first week of the following month, the sum will be credited to your account. myClubs also reimburses you if a member books onto your class and doesn't cancel in time. Therefore, there aren't any risks for you.

How do I get feedback on my offer?

myClubs members rate the booked offer after every visit in the app. Only you can see the ratings of your classes in the partner section. The ratings are of course anonymous.